The Best in Horticultural Lighting

When it comes to natural sunlight for growing plants mother natures perfected it. What she's not so good at is indoor lighting for growing your favourite plants. And that's where SunBlaster Lighting comes in. We bring the best of natural lighting indoors, providing the best that mother nature has to offer, anywhere you want it, anytime you need it. This is a great advantage for those of us who appreciate having a year-round supply of fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs, and keeping our thumbs green.

And just like mother nature's naturally changing sunlight, with all four seasons, SunBlaster provides a variety of seasonal type light, based on the kelvin rating of our lamps, to provide exactly the right light that is needed for your particular application.

When it comes to growing plants indoors all year round you'll be amazed at the innovative ways SunBlaster products help you grow bigger, healthier plants faster! And it's a lot easier than you may think.

SunBlaster horticultural lighting extends the growing season by providing the indoor equivalent to mother nature's sunlight. Growers in all types of applications, aeroponic, hydroponic and soilless applications benefit from SunBlaster lighting products. Outdoor growers benefit by getting a head start on their outdoor crops by getting their seedlings, cuttings and starters ready ahead of time comfortably indoors.

T5HO High Output strip lighting, Compact Fluorescence Lighting, known as CFL, High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps and smart digital electronic ballasts are all part of the SunBlaster solution to providing the best indoor lighting possible.

Air cooled shades, Smart Ballasts, and the world's most revolutionary reflector are prime examples of SunBlasters commitment to getting growers the best possible crops and yields they have ever experienced. By providing new and innovative products that meet today's indoor gardener's needs, SunBlaster has simplified the process of growing indoors, and in itself is an art.

No matter what you want to grow, or where you want to grow it, give your indoor plants the of light they deserve and love with the help of our SunBlaster Horticultural lighting products and accessories.

Your plants will thank-you for it, and you are going to love the results.

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